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SINCE 1986 
Forging an identity, against winds and tides

In 1979, Emmanuel Legris, passionate about the marine world, obtained his Oceanography and Biology Degree. He then embarked as a scientist for his military service in Polynesia. Once he came back to the continent, he started working in aquaculture in Corsica first, and then in Brittany. He specialized in the farming of clams, an emerging activity in the area. In 1986 he created his business in Aber Wrac’h, North Finistère. The first worksite was built in Lilia.

From the very start the business was put to the test by the hazards of nature: an epidemic destroyed all clam farms in Europe. Instead of giving up, the company got back on its feet by turning to mussels, cupped oysters and native oyster farming. Over the years, cupped oyster farming has become the main activity thanks to know-how and a unique farming site.

Huîtres LEGRIS - La signature océanique
Huîtres LEGRIS

Huîtres LEGRIS - La signature océanique

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